Greetings superior beings, greeting supreme being,

How long are u people gonna allow the trolls (illuminazi crime syndicate infiltrating your government replacing the real government (old world order) with a shadow government (new world order) in underground military cities to poison u above ground, dumb u down, sterelize u and kill u?
Round up the illegal secretariat for world order. They are in violation of the GENOCIDE CONVENTION. They want to kill you, me and are poisoning everybody above ground.
Pill the psychobama genocide troll immediately if arrest is ruled out.
Press charges everybody (illegal genocide contract, illegal genocide cartel plus ebola chemtrail fallout).

Iran has 18 Musudan 1 missiles, the first stage of the Taepodong 2 I C B M (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile).
+ I am against the use of nuclear energy because it produces nuclear waste.
Use teluric power.

The Americans have several wars going (permanent bases in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia? questioin mark) plus the Baal out to worry about so another war is probably not on the wish list of most Americans especially because an attack on Iran by Israel could lead to world war three (President Medvedevs anti U S alliance and quote from Haaretz: 'attack on Iran will endanger the entire world' not would or could: will.
I wrote it down even though its a psycho I D).

I M F, trapping countries in debt.
IMF member states not accepting the obligations of Article VIII, Sections 2, 3, and 4:
Iraq, Syria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Tuvalu, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Liberia, Nigeria, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Burundi, Mozambique, Maldives (light green in stead of green on the wiki map). North Korea, Taiwan, Nauru, Niau, Tonga and Cuba are grey colored in stead of green or light green.

Members of the IMF are 186 of the UN members.

Former members are: Cuba (left in 1964), [9] and Taiwan (expelled in 1980 due to political reasons), [10]

The other non-members are: North Korea, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Nauru, Vatican City and the rest of the states with limited recognition.

The IMF describes itself as "an organization of 187 countries (as of July 2010), working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty".

Most of us humans are against a torture world order and end of life order world order but I used to be for a new world order in the benefit of the people.

Because the secretariat for world order advocates depopulation in violation of the genocide convention quote by any means necessary unquote we may not be for a new world order in the benefit of the people any more because they are using people like us to give others the idea that the new world order is in the benefit of people while they are poisoning everybody above ground with ebola chemtrail fall out, radiation, slow kill vaccine injections, uranium in tab water, gentech viruses designed to eat parts of the human brain selectively which they call cognitive enhancement in stead of lobotomy or cognitive deprivement.
What else are they doing to depopulate us?

During the G 20 meetings they temporarily halt ebola chemtrail fallout dispersal making clear they are poisoning everybody above ground from underground military cities.

Because the genocide is done by the satanic Jesuits with a U N observer status (the popes in the Vatican are the only ones not injected at gunpoint if Ebola, uh, a mutated form of flu brakes out) and the N S A is exempt from all laws including the genocide convention by (illegal) presidential order and in control of the judges, military, police and peoples brain waves it is not easy to do something about it many people think.
Of course the 7 billion people above ground are a majority and they have the right to press charges of genocide and are legally required to press charges of genocide.

By law.

May leed 2, may not leed 2.

Population reduction top ten:
most likely ways a 93% depopulation reduction in violation of the genocide convention could be achieved:
1) world war: possible 100% population reduction (explosion of the planet ((scalar weapons have made nuclear weapons obsolete, 14 scalar weapon countries)) preemptive nuclear strike, nuclear winter,next ice age).
2) ebola chemtrail fallout: professor Piankas favorite depopulation method (Pianka with a P from pope) Ebola Reston named after the place it was discovered, Reston Virginia and the E bo law river in Africa.
3) poisoning via tabwater: uranium in tabwater (see infowars.com for more details).
4) gentech death: gentech death foods with built in viruses and pesticides brought to you buy Monsatano, creators of D D T and Agent Orange.
5) slow kill vaccine injections: illegal genocide cartel (giving a company such as Baxter that shipped out deadly products 3 times legal immunity is insanity) and genocide contract (keeping the number of vaccine deaths secret called pharmacovigilance data), vatican has U N observer status, list of pandemics caused by vaccinations on doctorno.wazzup.nl, flu vaccinated people test possitive for H I V, 49 Gardasil girl deaths plus pictures doctorno.wazzup.nl, universe creator point weebly point com.
6) gentech insects and hybrid insects: remotely controlled gentech insects with new poisons.
7) draining the public financially: global warming hoax, unreasonable loan pay off that the public can not afford, will crash the economy and make the banks declare bankrupcy to introduce a cashless society.
8) Scalar deaths: heart attacks, brain bleedings induced with scalar weapons wherewith they are able to do remote surgery extremely accurately.
9) Cancer causing airport scanners.
10) Cancer cell phone U M T S radiation.

Documented evidence of genocide:
1) Club of Rome documents.
2) The book Eco Science.
3) The insane Protocols of Zion.
4) The Secretariat for World Orders ECO 92 innitiative to depopulate by any means necessary.

I did not create the hybrid insects nor the gentech insects that the military created by manipulating my creation.

Prince Phillip, mister Kissinger, Bill Gates and professor Pianka all advocate a depopulation with 80 to 100 percent.

Nights of Malta: ebola chemtrail fallout genocide.
Rosecrucians: anonymously donated the Georgia Guide Stones advocating depopulation with 93% to half a billion people.