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I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
greetings superior beings, greeting supreme being.

PICTURE: the place where I was locked up, more or less against my will, for 20 days which can now happen to anyone that refuses first aid treatment because they can then be considdered a danger to themselves.

DO NOT take chemical cancer causing drugs and cure the cause of the disease in stead of fight the symptoms with chemical drugs which always cause cancer because they have a synergistic effect with E M R according to doctor Cyrill Smith.
Please spread this web address, http://universecreator.weebly.com, among friends and on the net to prevent their genocide. I do not make any money of this. We have no choice, we must survive, survival is all!
Much of the information on this new website, universecreator.weebly.com, is a condensed, highly concentrated form of the most important data concerning the genocide planned by the Secretariat for World Order and others and the survival is all strategy flowing forth from it, my hobby.

there have been no major terrorist attacks since 9 11 and the London bombings. End unreasonable searches with cancer causing airport scanners in violation of the fourth amendment that bans unreasonable searches and undermining in stead of contributing to your bodies physical health and therewith national and international security. Compartmentalization a headless blunder disguised as a master plan.

More important:
they send ideas in your own inner voice and control your emotions.
do not give in to their torture otherwise they keep on controlling you with torture and do not listen to their illegal voice to skull messages.
Denied. Opposite next I D.

cancer cell phones cause lummping red blood cells in people that use a cancer cell phone for over 90 seconds.

electro shock (E C T Electro convulsive therapy) = electroshock ) always causes brain damage (shown on M R  I scans) and electroshock quote 'therapy' unquote always increases the patients suicide risk.

 ebola chemtrail fallout (dispersal halted during G 20 meetings) when they come above ground from their stinking ratholes.

active measures A K A  ideological sub version (demoralization, destabalization, crisis, normalization is when the tanks roll in).

illegal genocide cartel (granting company that shipped out deadly products 3 times legal immunity),
illegal genocide contract that calls for keeping the number of vaccine deaths secret

monsanto created D D T and agent Orange.

Prince Phillip, professor Pianka, mister Kissinger and others advocate a depopulation with 80 to 100 % in violation of the genocide convention.

84 murdered microbiologists list on http://stevequayle.com

6 Oracle employees where flown to their death and where demolished with the W T C with Thermate a patented form of Thermite a high crime explosive only in the hands of the demolition company after the Oracle employees had finished the database of their back engineered 1918 flu virus.

They will call Ebola Reston a mutated form of flu.

Flu vaccinated people test positive for H I V. (New England Journal of Medicine)

27 scalar taps into the earths molten inner core,
27000 pounds bonus for doctors (general practitioners) that help with injecting even if they do not take the slow kill vaccine injection themselves.
27000 times less virions are required to induce equivalent disease when the virus is dispersed in aerosol form.

I have possibly hit one of my 3 webbeas with cum and one webbee fell down.
U cant make this sub.

We are slowly becoming eternal.

I killed a deadly virus in your future.
No matter what u do: they do it any way: D pop u lay do.

The insane preemptive nuclear doctrine has not been changed back to normal yet.
No missile shield in Poland.

The anti U S alliance and statement of President Medvedev in Haaretz is clear:
attack on Iran will endanger the entire world, not would or could, will.
Almost as if they have planned 3 world wars from the very beginning.


List of pandemics caused by vaccinations on:


What are they dispersing?

Trails come from tips of wings, not engines s seen on pictures.
The ingredients are easy to verify with an aircleaner filter collect dust put under microscope.

Ebola Chemtrail Ingredients:
Most of it is cancer causing Barium, Aluminium, that makes the ground infertile (Monsanto has made genetically modified seed that is able to grow in aluminium soil).
Man made viruses such as Ebola Reston (after Reston Virginia) professor Piankas favorite population reduction method (in violation of the Genocide convention). They will pretend the Ebola Reston virus is a mutated form of flu like they pretend haemoptysis, the coughing up of blood is a symptom of flu while in reality it is an Ebola symptom (after the Ebola river in Africa).
A third ingredient is altered, dead blood plasma.

27000 times less virions are required to induce equivalent disease when the designer lab virus is dispersed in aerosol form.
Patent title: the use of flu as a bio weapon.

They have viruses that react with sweat, a genetically modified Herpes virus that is designed to eat parts of the human brain selectively which is called cognitive enhancement; a lobotomy in reality.




Greetings superior beings, greeting supreme being.

We should all stop paying tax money until our government stops exterminating us with ebola chemtrail fallout and slow kill vaccine injections.
At least 50% of us should join in the tax strike to end their genocide in violation of the genocide convention otherwise a new tax strike and a date for the strike, lets say new year 2011, has been determined now. We only do it if their are enough humans that join in the tax revolt to end their genocide otherwise we move the tax strike day again.
I also advice everyone to press charges of genocide immediately.

Note: I am against killing ANYONE and for reprogramming to prevent the genocide, only if there is no other way.
We should kill the elite trolls, a group of sterile old popes that want to kill of the 70 nations, satanists that preach the opposite of what they do in reality. Kill the elite trolls, a group less than zero comma zero one percent of the worlds population that has made clear they want to kill everybody above ground to reduce the worlds population with 95% (Prince Phillip, Bill Gates, Kissinger, J P Holdren, professor Pianka, the Obama troll with his illegal genocide cartel and genocide contract) before they succeed in killing us (only if they can not be arrested).
Its kill or be killed, literally.

Please spread these 3 ideas:
1 ( stop paying taxes to end the genocide. )
2 ( Press charges of genocide. )
3 ( If arrest fails kill the elite people that have planned to kill us all that are poisoning us. )

In stead of becoming dependent upon a government that exterminates everybody above ground we should stop paying for our own demise, their genocide.

We demand they end, stop the ebola chemtrail fallout dispersal and stop the slow kill vaccine depopulation before its to late.

If we dont do this tax revolt we are killed by the elite trolls that are hiding in underground cities that temporarily halt the Ebola Chemtrail Fallout dispersal during their G 20 meetings which makes clear they are really killing everybody above ground and at the moment they are in the process of poisoning us (see patent title: Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Tereof).

The satanic Jesuits are in control of the Skull and Bones society and Bilderberg club.
See vaticanassassins for details, the Jesuits have been expelled from 82 countries.

The patent title is actually Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof.
Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.

Quote from: Influenza as a bioweapon, (© 2003, Royal Society of Medicine)
“H1N1 man-made PROOF: US Patent Application 20090010962 -
Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof”. Hell low o!
Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof
Patent title 2: Method for producing viral vaccines US patent 2009 0060950 A1.

Also I correct the statement that cannabis kills tumors by blocking vescular endothelial growth factor, a hormone needed by tumors to sprout, it should be:
cannabis kills tumors by blocking vescular endothelial growth factor, a PROTEIN needed by tumors to sprout, the tumors can not sprout without
(V E G F).

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