WARNING Nano death technology in foods soaps
slow kill vaccine injections air ground and water WARNING

WARNING Nano death technology in foods soaps air ground and water WARNING

Best of Linda Auxer reply to Jane Burgermeisters website:

Read all vaccine patents out there and you will see the term benzonase and that is the e coli and yeast being put in vaccines. You didn’t read careful enough. These agents are being used in all medications. The aryl and akyl compounds are mercury and used with ##str1## in many medications.

Picture: Unicura Ultra clear, transparent, see thru hand soap under the bresser microscope.

bacteriorhopsin (chromophore)
Liquid crystals are used in these agents and liquid crystals are these choloesterol agents used in retinoids. Hoffman and LaRoche developed accutane and they developed liquid crystal

Renova didn’t list that the e coli, pseudomonas and staph aureus and photoisomers and furanoid and other toxic poisons were in this cream. Now is the fear of carbon being used in our medications and carbons are used to make nano carbon tubes. Furanoids make nano tubes. What are the tubes used for and how does the body react to them. I will tell you that the body does not react well to them and they need to be banned as it is known they cause asbestosis.

 I used Somex, a disinfecting hand gel that contains carbomeres but I stopped using it because I found strange nano tube like parts floating around in Unicura Ultra hand soap after I put it under the microscope with U S B occular even though the soap looks transparent, clear and see through to the naked eye.

So I washed the disinfecting hand gel of with tee trea oil and used lemongrass oil which kills the staph aureus virus according to wiki. Doctor Mercola made clear the viruses mutated because a new study makes clear anti bacterial compounds in hand soap could be contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


In Unicura handsoap I have discovered nano tube like metalic parts which reminds me of those tethers floating in space. Even with a cheap U S B Bresser microscope the particles are clearly visible and I put a photograph on my blog, doctorno.wazzup.nl.

I put a drop of Unicura Ultra handsoap under the microscope.

Can anyone tell me what those long nano tube like things are that float around in Unicura Ultra handsoap?

Something that kills baxteria?
Dried up Unicura Ultra Ebola? Questionmark joke - +

Unicura Ultra drop under a Biolux NG microscope 10x 1024x (U S B ocular)