World Peace Agreement I have mailed and e-mailed to several presidents:
Only the first offensive leader that would, The Eternal One forbade (commandment: thou shalt not kill), use nuclear weapons first, will be blocked by all countries unified of this planet via the world-peace agreement who will use their paytriots too wart of the rockets, take away their weapons and capture the offensive terrorist-leader so the maximum amount of civilians are saved.


WORLDPEACE RADIO LIVE (press reload if connection does not start or stops).

TO CHAT with prologic(use IE, no password required)click here.

The above video is a video of a group of satellites called a satellite cluster and it flies in formation of five.If the video does not start click here.

The image above shows the frequency spectrum chart of a sound that was made via my computer by perpetraytors with radio frequency satellites. Please DO NOT play this sound unless you want to study it or analyse it and play it only on a soft level since there is an ELF, extremely low frequency, in the sound that could kill people.

My F T P only worked after a computer restart, when the computer is off the satellite system can not lock off any more.

This is the computer virus sound of which Uri is 100 procent sure it was made with satellites because of the following reasons.

1) The sound was also audible via other equipment.

2) The hard disk was formatted and the computer virussound was still audible after he re installed windows.

3) The sound is softly audible in the background sometimes and might be a signal that is used to lock in on a victim or kill the victim because the 3 d frequency analysis of the sound shows a modulated signal of about 25 Hertz a so called Extremely low frequency used to kill people and give them fear.

The names of the psychiatrists that did things with Uri that where against the law, they will pay compensation for what they did to Uri on his birth day, these people can be dangerous, so watch out. The chef of police in Amsterdam took Uri in under false pretences, Uri was not even arrested because he never did anything against the law and never was arrested. Of course it was not only strange but also against the law what those people did to Uri and Uri will sue them if he gets the chance.

Four people died at the spor in the tway duh constant ayn hui gen straht and Uri fainted at the police station and I, Uri, did not get any food till late at night. Uri is also willing to testify for others these people took me, Uri under false pretences , did not give me food and they locked up other innocent Dutch civilians like Gerdien who also wrote NaziBush. Her dog has a tumor because of the energy weapons wich they used on her.

At De Meren Nienoord

Hans van Moosdijk

Dick bloemzaad 0 2 0-5 1 9 8 7 8 0 and 0 6-5 3 3 2 9 1 7 4


Riagg Viseaustraat. Dalmyer. Brother Jan van Baar (or Baars).

Female psychiatrist Vianu left Uri in the orange verblayfsruimtuh cel till 8 at night without food, wich his parents had to bring, so starvation may have been the cause of the four people that died at "Het Spor" in Amsterdam.

serial pil her.

Dah strokes, rap tiljah.

Great song.

Great petitions can be signed on:


www.petitions.com and via


It is well documented, in particular, in such books as


Psychiatrists have the highest rate of suicides of any profession.

Psychiatrists create more suicides in their patients than any other profession.

Psychiatrists are the most fraudulent of any other profession.

Psychiatrists - using their mind numbing drugs as a medium, sexually abuse more patients than any other profession.

Irridium ceased to exist and Themis cluster satellites did not fly above amsterdam, they where some other type. Uri would like to know what type of satellites have been standing there above the A M C hospital thursday night, please contact Uri if you know.

Reporters watch out: recordings made with a Sony camera of a helicopter that flew above our house in Vinkeveen and in Amsterdam where erased by people with R F equipment (satellites that can make the Sony erase the recording).

Be carefull who you talk to, they might not be able to do anything for you.

The trik that was done is obvious: at the moment I pressed record the signal that was recorded was not from the camera but the signal send with the satellites.

Thus, the recording I made was never recorded but a recording I made at another date was recorded in stead of the recording I made in the subway, to have an allibi, record people that might carry a ray-gun and record the temples of my forehead if I would be attacked with micro-wave satellite's again, wich didn't happen lately (time of writing this part: saturday 29th of januari, 2005, Roman Calendar)(thank god).

This means any news we watch on tv has been selected by the Illumeanatea and recordings of reporters can be erased, so we can never watch the real news again

I am an audio engineer with a diploma and know for sure the red letters rec (indicating record) where clearly visible on the Sony, so the device made the recordings

I am also sure that I was able to record the chopper in Vinkeveen and that recording has a type of strange write error (sys00030), so the chopper is probably carrying equipment to prevent recordings being made. This is highLee probable since I have a recording of the chopper that gets stuck in the DVD player when you play it, but the chopper is visible. All other recording made with the DVD camera work, the recording of the chopper gets stuck and the other recordings simply disappeared.

About psychiatrists: they have been taken over by the Illumeanatee, the devilworshipping people that use R N M ecquipment, which Uri is against, exceptions are the use of R N M on terrorists and people that hurt others physically: "these (being a member of a terrorist organisation and having a crime record that indicates abuse) are both bloody important indicators that the person is not mentally sain. Anyone making plans for terrorist activities fry there ass with your remote neural monitoring device so know one dies" Uri herd someone say. Visit mindcontrolforums dot com if you wanna stay, great info anyway, also on whale.to and www.antipsychiatry.org

About Nuclear Weapons Mir Highwa Salaam Shalom world d:-) (smiley face, you can let your computer read this article to you using a speech engine like for example Speakonia.)

Please, please, please write to the presidents so one of them can propose this world-war three prevention worldpeace-agreement:

Dear mister president, please anounce this proposal:

Only the first offensive leader that would, The Eternal One forbade (commandment: thou shalt not kill), use nuclear weapons first, will be blocked by all countries unified of this planet via the world-peace agreement who will use their paytriots too wart of the rockets, take away their weapons and capture the offensive terrorist-leader so the maximum amount of civilians are saved.

The essence is a worldwide agreement that unifies all countries against mass-contamination against mass-destruction against world-war three FOR WORLD-PEACE. All countries would be equal partners and this World Peace Agreement (c) could be a start for a world-wide constitution that puts emphasis on laws of physical integrity.

A normal short letter is better, you can write anonymously

Ariel Sharon ----------- sar@mod.gov.il
Vladimir Putin --------- president@gov.ru is cool.
George Walker Bush president@whitehouse.gov is cool.
Or visit www.whitehouse.gov to fax, call or write a normal letter. The superpower are so cool, because they NEVER used nuclear weapons after Heroshima and Nagasaki fool. I know you are smart cauz' you kept reading you score. I - am - what I think: only if you keep it a secret, why don't you tell the world -= Å =- ?

you're my pray.

I'm you're pray, we give ourselves away, is privacy here to stay?

Millivision is great and shoot be used on terrorists as well as to find weapons that are buried underground, so that they are found before they explode. C I Ate it. Hint hint. Is THIS a trick question?

I would like to create an organisation that unifies us against such an organisation such as the Illumeanatea. The Illumeenate might not exist yet but would illustrate the effect money (the root of all evil) can have: total anihalation, nuclear winter, PEACE KEEPER, and if any of the 36 countries that own nuclear weapons would use them that would greatly reduce our change (also their own chance) of ever finding a cure against aging. The more people and doctors are left alive, the greater your chance a cure against aging (like HGH, 14 Hz.) will be found

A recording of my friend (Bart) that had cancer (but he was cured) also disappeared. It was recorded in the time he was bald. His equipment was behaving strangely when I was around and I recorded it, so someone (maybe not even the Americans) erased the recording.

I only write this because I know the Anti-Christ (Bin Laden) will be defeated

These satellites where visible above the A M C hospital thursday, 21st of october (roman calendar), and I have never seen something like this in my life beefor.

The satellites reflect the sun-light, that's why they twinkle so nice, like super-stars. Dutch: "De ketting vindt ik wel mooi om te zien, zijn het weer weer satellieten?"

I also have other, much better versions of this recording, this version has been made from the orriginal recording with Windows Moviemaker especially for the web.(c)

I would love to be notified via e-mail by anyone who knows what type of cluster satellites mama saw flying. Dutch: Graag verneem ik wat voor type satellieten dit zijn die in dit type formaziet vliegen.

Uri is not against nanotechnology but is against illegal use of nano technology, God forbade, by any government, person and N S A. and, God willing, Uri will be a witness in Heavenly court. Illegal use would be injecting people against flu and injecting nanobots with the serum without letting them know there are nanobots in there so you, government official can read there mind, like you did and using chemtrails, like Uri didn't. Like: you tried to cover it up but could not and will, never forever again. You know?

76. Not to join a majority to effect evil (see 77).

77. Not to give evidence to lead to unrighteous co-operation with a majority to pervert justice (67, 77).

We must unify against the terrorists before we all go under

The Eternal One jawel JehovAllah warns us that our souls will not have a place to reincarnate on and our souls will be in Eternal pain if this world would ever be destroyed

If the USA owns an earth quake trigger device I bet my fat ass that other countries also have one and a world-wide agreement that bans the use of this device must be announced TODAY!!!!

This is a picture of a micro-wave satellite that almost killed me, even though I was wearing an alluminium foil hat.

The satellite flew next to the plane on the trip back from Curaçao.

Picture of the cancermicrowavechopper wich is used to disperse crowds and gives cancermicrowave radiation wich I recorded via a HF-350 meter and MP3 recorder end the microwave-sats made on 15-12-2004 4:34

My secret 'arrangement' with the Skull and Bones (c) members is that their sect will not offer children (wich they never did es, tabloid wrote story they can sell full 'o f'lies, though Meiwes, the man that ate another man, is still in jail) and might start offering terrorists that are real murderers, wich God would not except, that's why it's fun.

This arrangement is so secret it hasn't been put on paper by me.

I hope to become a member for real.

My arrangement with the real Devil is that He will not accept child offers any more and that he will give any one who really wants to and makes an attempt gets a stroke beefor vegetarian, the child could be saved.

By the way: a wich is a person that can make an object disappear, without the use of an optical illusion, and is not allowed to exist under the laws of the holy Torah.

Most people that call themselves witches are NOT witches in the sense of Torah.

Threats to homo say pee Yens:

Many argue the following weapons and devices should be banned world-wide.

1. Ban the earth quake trigger weapon. A world wide ban is realistic, and should be made even if the earth quake trigger weapon would never invented. Prevention beats curing.

2. Ban nuclear weapons. Unrealistic.

3. Ban biological weapons world-wide ban on all pathogens. Realistic.

4. Ban Chemical weapons. All-ready banned, enforcing laws better by searching more houses.

5. Ban the Weather changing device. World-wide ban realistic. 100 percent accurate weather prediction doesn't exist but the weather is bound to change. For every little action there is a reaction. What are all the forces?

6. Ban ray guns world wide and maybe ban micro-wave satellite's universally. Realistic, parasitic satellites.

The holy spirit is the part of you that is The Eternal One's voice thrue over 6 billion people, screemed: world wide constitution now, human rights now, keep the commandments in, shout out: love!

The devil is not a part of you this would be tentamount to saying death is not a part of you, wich might be true.

Human growth hormone is not new.

you've seen this entertainment threw and through,

you've seen your birth, your life and death

you might recall all of the rest

Did you have a good world when you died?

Enough to base a movie on?

An American prayer.

Jim Morisson.

Herassments on Uri, and millions of others.

Volume control disappeared, using Windows XP.

Micro-waved my brain. The area near the tempels of the forehead was pumping more blood than usual wich I verified by lookin in the Mirror, watching my forehead, wich can be recorded using a camera. In the plane back from Curaçao the microwaving was done more cleverly by a satellite flying next to the plane on the right side wich I, Uri, recorded. This was the worst attack so far. I thought the people behind me where doing it, but watch out watch out watch out: they use satellite's, and most of the time NOT PEOPLE in your environment, although every person on the planet is monitored by the Beast Computer !!!! When they do it on you, immediately tell people in your environment, preferably people you can really trust, and put the info on-line to protect yourself the people that no this technology (micro wave satellite's and remote neural monitoring) know R N M is really really really used and is the worst form of stealing, the most terrible form of invasion of privacy. Torah emet, koran salaam. Thou shalt NOT steal.

The following is meant to prevent war, nuclear winter and such. Even if foreigners from a foreign country would release nano-ants or chem-trails this should never be a reason to start a war. Two wrongs don't make a right, Mr. President.

Equipment should be developped that warns us if our privacy is at risk and a world-wide NBC alarm should be put on-line, so that people know when they are in danger.

Animal rights activists are probably discusted by the idea of an animal containing chips or nano-microphones in there body, but companys like NEC made a commercial for consumer nano electronics that was shown on public television allready, and developments will not stop.

The idea (nano ants) is unrealistic, because there are smaller nano-bots and people don't need animals to transport them (nano-bots).

(Nano) ants, ants with a micro-chip in the back of there poor little ant body, didn't die using four ant-boxes with poison (mieren-lokdozen).

These could be pictures of a REAL NANO-ANT, pictured with a digital camera, although highly unlikely it is still good to imagine they are real nano-ants so that laws will be created to prevent the creation of animal that are half robot that could become much stronger then all other animals in the kingdom and are probably self-aware and could suffer from much suffering constantly. ANIMAL RIGHTS NOW.

The body of the ant looks EXACTLY as drawn in pictures you can find elseware on the web, I locked the nano bot in a see through Bon-Bon box and took the pictures.

The ants survived four weeks in a room with the radiator switch off (very cold), WITHOUT ANY FOOD, won't tuch honey in the Box and is still 'alive and well' in the box at the time of writing this peace.

The ant looked at its own body as if washing its body, the head touched it's rear (curling up) wich is feed-back

Mir Heiwa Salaam Sjaloom Tinclick Shanti

The ant-body clearly looks different from normal ant body's in that the body is more transparent, a sort of chrystaline structure

Voice changes using the Beast Computer, also noticed in speakers on CNN.

The beast computer generates thoughts in any language of the world, antennas and micro wave satellite's are used 24 hours a day.

Prevent creating alters (virtual humans that rule the beast computer, basic-ly just programs also see daemons) that would or even could take your power to rule the computer out of your hands and reprogram the computer. The computer can never become self-aware and only does what is programmed to do. Humans that program these things are usually spied on and recorded and the programmers are fully responsible for what they do with there wonderful tool.

Anyone using equipment that alters thoughts should be punishable or at least there equipment should be conficatable, altering thoughts of others should simply be made illegal, if it isn't all-ready. This refers to equipment like the Neurophone and in reaction to devices that can beam thoughts into others people's brains create more equipment for world-wide measuring of Electromagnetic Radiation that would automatically warn people in 'hot spots' and explain to people how they can shield themselves against new forms of technology that any other country then your own has is the responsibility of your local government, since people of countries world wide own micro-wave satellite's.

World-wide ban on ray-guns NOW !!!!!!!!!!

Commandments taken from the Mishna, Volume VII, Judaica Press (the version the real Rabbi's use, check it out):

122. One who knows of evidence must testify.

76. Not to join a majority to effect evil (see 77).

77. Not to give evidence to lead to unrighteous co-operation with a majority to pervert justice (67, 77).

78. To forbear with such testimony that would lead to co-operation and collaboration with a majority to pervert justice (see 76, 77).

I am discusted by the idea of joining a secret sect of devil-worshippers that offered children in the past and think it would be a good idea to start offering terrorists, people that have sworn to kill all Americans via there unconstitutional, illegal terrorist websites wich should be removed immediately.

Watch out!

This info has been put on-line to help PREVENT war, and I am not kidding about Eternal Pain OR increasing our possibility's to find a better cure against aging then HGH. Who are you? Tolstoy?

Advancements are taking place at a much faster level then I suspected, I have the support of the C I A and the N S A, who saved my life, so I am eternally greatefull for that and want to emphasize that we, aka the collective, the majority of righteous civilians, are off course against the abuse of these wonderfull new technology's and why not cover it up?

That's why it's nice to Pretend the nano ant is in my box.

1. They might not be real nano-ants, but regular ants.

2. The ants nor the micro-wave satellite have been able to kill me.

3. If real nano-ants don't exist yet make sure you built in a system so the nano-bot will self destruct in targetted area's so it can't do any damage to innocent civilians if you make a real one, animal rights now.

Reasons for making nano-bots:

I wanna become a Cyborg myself and don't see why we shouldn't become Borg's, and not Björn again.

Nano bots are just robots, a computer is just a computer and is not self-aware, does what it is programmed to and speech recognition and talking computa is no thing NEW in the right hands it becomes a Tool to eradicate evil before death could eradicate you are forever COOL

Nano bots may soon be used to cure people with cancer and if only used by a couple of biljardairs to safe their own life can potentially safe all of us and could one day become equivillant to 'The Holy Grail'.

Golden rules:

The people who made and spread nano-bots (wich they did if chem-trails are real) may try to cover up what they did by letting me write about nano-ants. The ants could theoretically still be nano ants, because a normal microscope simply does not suffice to see nano-bots, you need a scanning tunneling microscope, and make some good bots for God's sake!!!!

Golden rules:

1. Safety.

2. Depart from evil and do good.

3. Never exclude any possy Bill E. T. is.

4. Trust no-one.

5. Don't assume anything. Selfless love strategy.

6. Breathe in deep, become aware of your environment, focus and concentrate and don't forget to fucking ex-hale.

7. Surround and rome.

8. Ask questions in stead of saying things.

9. Prepare for the worst.

10. Commandments, learn and train them daily.

Write down secret words in stead of mentioning secret words show the word on paper (preferrably recycled). You don't have to create self destructing message like Inspector Gadget but can put top secret building plans that are still on paper (without looking at them] on a scanner wich will photo copy the top secret document called scanning. Once the document is photo copied it can be encrypted and put on cd-rom in a fire proof safe and still the CD can be destroyed. Use a good quality, long lasting CD in stead of paper that rots.

Don't use (don't speak) any secret words, the illuminatee don't use them themselves and write words like earthquake trigger device down, two know prevented endless rivers over tears.

Most people are not monitorred although there are many camera's surrounding us.

Nice words for conversations:

Strategy, nuclear winter, interpretor (translaters all over the fucking globe), quarantine, labeling gentech food, fluoridisation of water, the new world order elections comming up, what nano-bots are real, sonar, bunker buster bombs, John Lennon, Abraham, Yeshua, Michael, one of the arch angels.Quit wining, and just LOVE me again (dr. Phill), conspiracy theory where everyones body is made out of alluminium foil.

Nice words for psychiatrists:

Pavlovs dogs, shrinking, reality testing, use the startphrase: they use the word symptoms very often, and than finish ES.

People that where not professionals lied about Uri and they understand now Uri is trying with all his heart soul and might to bring more peace: to always strive for peace: to do justice tempered with selfless love, and tender mercy.

Emphasis in strategy put on saving the maximum number of lifes, many doomsday devices such as nuclear weapons where already created and are not what Einstein would have wanted, creation of new laws, world-wide constitution, unification of all countries, a clean planet is every countries and every President's business.

The people who helped clean up the planet deserve much credit as well, you helped save lifes if you cleaned up.

Attention please.

I, Ulrich Bernhard Claus Hoffmann, tell you all about the things I predicted in the hope I will have more pre-cognitive dreams so I will be able to tell you all more what can be done best to prevent world war three. World-wide: Two children die each minute of hunger, 11 people get HIV contaminated each minute and the world-population is still growing.

Predictions I, Uri, made that came true for real:

1. Plane-crashes:

The first plane-crash I predicted 41 hours in advance and wrote to the white-house staff to warn them 41 hours before the plane crashed.

Of the second plane-crash I new the date I would find out.

2. Precognitive dream where Eye Tsha was riding on me on my waterbed.

We fucked and at least she had some orgasms.

3. Precognitive dream of us at the Bimhuis Jazz-café where she was fooling with others behind my back.

4. footbal score:

I visited a girl named 'Me On' after dancing at Paradiso and we had been kissing in the park and it was the most beautiful experience of my life, regrettably we didn't have sex.

Shooting my sperm in 'Hill Daah's' mouth and licking it out was the hottest experience.

When I left 'Me On's' house I started singing eehn nul eehn nul about a minute before they scored.

I hope she calls or to see her tonight if she's back from the States or wherever she went.

tornado in Jamaica:

I clearly said I want to go to Goyah because Jamaica is to dangerous because of tornado's

My neighbours that live above my head are the only one's that could have known about the Tornado prediction about two weeks before it hit Jamaica in 2004.

Names are fictional and the real names of the girls I was engaged with is known by my parents.

I, Ulrich B.C. Hoffmann Kissed only three girls in my whole life and wanted to get engaged first, wich is not necessary. Not kissing any one if you have a contagious disease and getting a regular check-up and a copie of your medical dossier (med-files) may be wise. I found stuff in there I didn't know about myself and I have a recipe for cannabis, wich was heaven sent. I will keep the name of the doctor and even the hospital secret, though it may be hard for people to find a physician or doctor that prescribes medical marihuana wich realy eredicated the tumors even in humans, wich D N A studies have shown (www.newscientist.com: "The cannabinoid significantly lowered the activity of VEGF in the mice and two human brain cancer patients, the study showed).

Brainstorm of the 13th of januari, 2005:

My latest prediction is that the 28th of februari the anti-christ, Usama Bin Laden, murderer with 25 million dollars on his head, wanted high the F B I, could shoot nuclear warheads on Europe and the holy city of New York. This prediction is in-line with the Nostradamus predictions found else-where on the web.

Because I also wrote all presidents about this prediction and the fact that they know I know Bin Laden is not in Afghanistan but, if the Nostradamus quatrain interpretations on www.faqs.org are correct Bin has his base in Turkey. As remote viewer I traveled in Bin's body and I have reason to believe that he is in or near Khergestan or in China and uses a different name to do business and may own vast tracks of land in China (under a false name) all-ready.

I think rumors of Bin Laden working together with the Americans are evil and should be eradicated and only a judge may give the death-penalty to Bin Laden and I know Bin Laden will be shot with three bullets, 2 in his legs and one in his chest.

Even if this prediction would come true, that a third world war would start and Bin would destroy New York and a large part of Europe (especially Italy), we can safely assume the rest of the Nostradamus prediction will then also come true and THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL BE DEFEATED, IF THE NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION OF THE THIRD WORLD WAR WOULD ALSO COME TRUE, BUT NOSTRADAMUS HIMSELF MADE CLEAR HIS PROPHECY"S ARE NOT SELF-FULLFILLING AND DEPENDING UPON LOTS OF CIRCUMSTANCES THE WAR *MIGHT* be avoided and most people might say: you're gonna have to fight your own damn war, cauz we don't wanna fight know-more, where two tribes go to war none is all the two can score, nowadays. If this prediction would come true like Nostradamus prediction of the second world war came true (I doubt very much myself that this Nostradamus prediction will come true and the war realy might be avoided as put in the Nostradamus faq, I think a change in the time space continuum was created by the person that said peace a thousand times on one day, and that the third world war has REALY been avoided all ready, right after the laser was tested, the ground version, deployed right away, not the plain really works so I just want to congratulate the team in this orriginal way, true life-savers and Pro tec tors of this planet, peace will be with you, always and forever from this day), (even Hittler's birth place was predicted by Nostradamus), Bin might have us all fooled and might be a devil worshipper with a gun in his cain and we KNOW the bombing of the embasies and the 9-11 attacks where real and what you're up to, just give up.

Don't blame Uri if the 28th of february prediction does not come true, that is what Uri hopes for himself too.

Lopis Lazully. Just ten c c.


Brainstorm of the ninth of februari, 2005:

Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die, then give you control

Nine Inch Nails

I will testify against the psychiatrist that locked me up on my birth day, the fifth of november, if necessery.

On my birth day I was taken away for a conversation, I was never arrested because I did not (and never will) commit a felony or offense.

I made music on my birthday but it was a lot softer than my neighbours produced music, with the bass filtered out.

Other neighbours made much louder music on their birth-day, but where not locked up and even kept on making music after the police visited

Because I was producing this page people attacked me a lot in the past, with micro-wave satellite's and a nasty frequency in my left ear of wich I can say with 99.99999999% certainty it was man made.

I am happy the herassments have stopped, wich might be because the info is on-line now.

These are pictures of a "verblijfsruimte" a so called waiting room, much unlike the sleeping room made famous by Cameron, there was no electroshock equipment in the room, wich the famous sleeping room would contain and I know a girl that is still getting electro-shock treatment in the Netherlands against her depression.

This is a cel that looks exactly like the cel called a waiting room at the Spor (2e Constantijn Huijgenstraat, Amsterdam) and not a cell, so they can say they did not lock the people up, I suppose.

Uri has a real doctors prescription for the use of cannabis and will report any her ass ments on-line and to the police immediately.

A person at the "Tweede van Swindenstraat" kicked in my door twice (the second time while I was sleeping) and claimed I would have kicked in my door myself, wich even my parents believed after a while, the person that was lying was very persistant.

The person that kicked in the door later admitted she did it, and I think people with micro-wave satellites made the person kick in my door

I will not publi-size the names of the psychiatrist at the Spor and Nienoord but I am willing to testify they gave me medicine of their own stash, without a "bijsluiter" (package insert), of wich one of the "broeder" (brother: the Zyprexa was given by a person that was not even a psychiatrist that had to get permission from the psychiatrist) told that he was not allowed to give it, wich seemed only logical because there was no note saying what the side effects are, of wich I suffered a great deal

I will not press charges or go for compensation (even though I think I have a very good case) if I am allowed to stop the consultations (conversations, not any type of treatment), but write this because I assume there are more cases like mine: perfectly normal people that don't suffer from any symptoms of psychosis but where given medicine or even are locked up at the moment I write this.

I was allowed to stop the use of Zyprexa, wich had a devastating effect on me, because I am not psychotic at all, but there are psychotics living in my flat and all around the world for wich Zyprexa could be the best medicine, and I think it should be made possible to force people that offensively attacked people to take this, or a better medicine. There are also homeopathic alternatives that could help. I never heard voices in my head and would have taken the medicine immediately if I would have, but right now I would love to hear voices.

Most important is that I wrote the prime minister Balkenende and also received a mail back (the e-mail is at the end of this page). The mail suggest introducing the death penalty for the worst cases and putting the emphasis on the laws of physical integrity, in other words: a heavier penalty for people that hurt others physically.

The e-mail I received from our minister president in response to the e-mail about introducing the death penalty and my volunteering to built bomb-shelters, it's in Dutch.

Our prime minister wrote back that he has taken note of my message, in Dutch, it was not an automated message like from the white house.

There may be many victims out there that where treated like an attacker, because the attackers many times plan (premeditate) their attack and the attacker often times pretends to be the victim.

A crime record is the most important indicator that a person is not mentally sain, according to me, Uri. I don't have a crime record, because I NEVER was arrested, thank God. I'm a vegetarian and would never even touch any one without their permission, with Ayca and Hilde I was engaged and even during the engagement I never touched them without their permission and would immediately report any one that would, like normal people.

If a person attacked another person physically, the person can not be mentally sain. The info is usually recorded in the crime records (clean sheet), people attacked me, and those people can still be brought in for questioning, an offensive attack is NEVER justified, no matter what the other person sad.

Psychiatrists are sometimes called by the denegrading term 'shrink', because they are drained in the mind of the victims. In the end: dust to dust, you know?

People should have treated me like a victim, they could have known the person that kicked in my doors was lying and they did know because they where witnesses but they took the side of the person that kicked in the door.

If the person would not have confessed to kicking in the door I could have been put in an insane assylum, where I suspect cases like this of people that never did anything wrong that where attacked by someone. The attacker claimed to be the victim (lying) and the judge might believe the attacker in stead of the real victim.

Michael Jacksons case and the steeling of Geronimo's skull (the famous Indian Apache that new how to keep the Americans of his country a long time) are similar cases because they seem to be about groups of people conspiring to hassle, use nefarious means and steel from people.

Fujitsu Siemens with a Soundblaster Audigy sound card is the name of the computer that was stolen from me at the Tweede van Swindenstraat in Amsterdam.

I have diplomas in Sound Engineering, HAVO, basic audio, typing and Sociaal Juridische Dienstverlening (social law) where I learned psychology for practice.

I will forgive the psychiatrist for locking me up on my birth day only if I get compensation for locking me up on my birthday, wich I assume I am because I have tests that show I am psychologically sainer than average and have an exceptional ability to concentrate.

I did not get anything to eat on my birth day and fainted at the police station, wich was long before that.

People (of the police and the Spor) promissed me several times I would not be locked up, wich was the reason I cooperated, wich I should not have done. They lied.

The police officer and the people that took me from the police station (where I was not locked up) to the Spor also promissed I would be allowed to smoke, not being allowed to smoke cannabis was the reason for my fainting, I have a recipe.

Any person could be locked up, even if they are completely normal, even the president as long as other people are 'in on it'.

My parents and I made a testimony, a document testifying of each other we never did anything that was not normal, and I suggest other people do the same so people can't just experiment on people that are alone and have no way to prove they are normal

Not making this proposal (see top of page) is putting the lives of over 6 billion people at stake since there are 36 countries with nuclear weapons, many terrorists who have sworn to kill all Americans, even I know how to build nuclear weapons and the humans have enough firepower to eradicate and contaminate homo sapiens over 200 times.

Star Wars has not been developped, you have no laser and most of the States would be devestated by the blast. The electromagnetic pulse might even cause meltdowns and contaminate the whole planet.

Please get this message through to the president, I wrote over 200 times and had a lot of positive response but it is essential the President can judge for himself.

Blair, Sharon and others have also been written but they may not have received this serious opportunity to pro-pose a world-peace, anti-terrorism agreement. The first leader to announce it will have great influence on the new World Order.

Only reason needed to propose the contamination-prevention worldwide peace-agreement: The ability to contaminate this world for 4500 years is soon shared by 36 countries that own nuclear weapons ALL-READY.

Mir Salaam Shalom,

Prologic AKA DJ-Pushit

We will be in ETERNAL PAIN If our souls don’t have a place left to reincarnate on.
There is more evidence that reincarnation exists, no evidence that heaven and hell exist.
The earth is the only place humans can live longer than in space.

The earth can be destroyed 200 times by the 30 countries who own nuclear weapons. Japan, Russia, China, United Kingdom and the USA have long range missiles that can destroy millions of civilians in any country across the globe.


We cannot reincarnate if we don't have a planet left to reincarnate on.


Reasons why people don't use LRM's:

Eternal pain.

Agreements and monitoring ascertain swift obliteration of any leader who would even make plans to use them offensively and many people have sworn to kill any leader that would use nuclear weapons first.

Nuclear winter and contamination of the food-chain for 4500 years. Any more explosions could spin the earth of axis.

Planet is needed for reincarnation. The souls of mass murderers who committed genocide such as Hitler where thrown in the bottomless pit where they will remain in eternal darkness. People are rewarded for their good deads (saving lives) more then punished for their bad deeds (stealing).

Planet is needed for resurrection.

The people (who sheltered in bunkers) will come back to haunt you if want to contaminate our planet like a bad little boy that doesn't know how expensive his toys are. Money is the root of all evil., perhaps even the souls of the people they would kill unless you have a way to transfer your own soul in a fresh body which you don't.

People in bunkers of all countries have agreed together to destroy anyone who would use nuclear rockets to ascertain the civilians are saved and sabotage your LRM's before you sell them.


Wars should be abandoned as an instrument

The use of force is only allowed to end violence.


Conclusions Destroy all building plans. Prevent proliferation (spreading).

Build Shelters, they are the only way to survive.

Sabotage weapons (all they can do is kill people).

Collect evidence (f.e. flyers that say: 'kill all Americans') of people associated with an illegal organisation and report people who claim to be of an illegal terrorist organisations to the police so they can be arrested before they kill us.

A computer will always get an error sooner or later so people must always have a manual switch between the computer and their Long Range Missiles.

Ceasefire: raise white flag and build a safe state, judges to be appointed in each town.

Offer terms of peace before or upon entering a city.

[Protect each other and keep at least the seven commandments, save lives].

Patriots can save civilians --> build more patriots

Sabotage all misfiles.

Protect the Civilians.


Fuck the pope but use a condom.

Give the people of so called 'third world countries' education, condoms and irrigation systems in stead of food to stop 24.000 people dying daily of hunger alone. Two children a minute die of hunger.

Visit www.thehungersite.com where you can click once everyday for free to sponsor the giving of food.


Mir Heiwa Salaam Sjaloom Tinclick Shanti


In the Torah is written

Translation of B'reeshit Genesis 2:17

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for on the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.


God (Jeehèvè, Jehovah baroegh sjemo, praised be He) lied: Adam and Eva did not die on that day. The other interpretation is that God (Jeeheve, Jahweh, Jehovah baroegh sjemo) did not lie because Adam and Eve are dead now, in a sense we are the holy sparks and we find peace through sharing our planets resources and connecting the sparks that where meant to be together, there is no other way to survive.


Adam and Eve did not die: Adam and Eve where placed outside the garden (Genesis 3:23) and begot Cain (4:1) and Abel (4:2) if we should believe the words Moses wrote after 40 days of not eating. Having two children takes a lot of time, certainly longer then one day.


Should we call anyone that hides himself a king? (answer a)


If God where almighty and did unto others as he would to himself we wouldn’t have a little child dying in this world every minute. Was God really jealous of his creation and did he want the whole garden for himself? (answer b)


Become like one of us (3:22), was he talking to the angels?


The transcription ‘Bejom hahoe’ means on that day, not through that day. ‘Babajit’ means in the house, not through the house.

Bachisee means in the throne, not on the throne. The letter value of the word chisee (chaf, samech, alef) is 81. This is the same as the letter value of the word af (alef fee) which is translated as anger. If bachisee means through the throne please write.


Not letting Adam and Eve eat of the tree of life was the violation of the most important commandment: thou shalt NOT kill. Adam and Eve still became 930 years (4:5) even though they did not eat of the tree of life. Even if you count one day as 140 years Adam did not die on the day he ate of the tree and begot two sons.


I’m vegetarian and if Abel was vegetarian too I think Abel was smarter.


I wouldn’t like it at all if people killed pigeons for me, nor would I want any blood on an altar in my name. I will keep my promise to Hasjem to bring offers if he wants me to. The idea is that the animal offered comes back as a better animal and has no pain.


Will we ever know what really happened on that day? (answer c)


If God is just I expect him to come down to earth to correct this grave injustice immediately.


If someone creates a robot, who is responsible for that robot? (answer d)


Peace is feeling like a guest instead of a slave.


Peace is the feeling you get when you tell the truth.


I have said sjema twice daily, read the whole of Torah with Rashi commentary aloud and studied Hebrew diligently. I will keep the seven Noachide commandments and will keep saying my prayers. There must be a reason why God lied. If He did we should forgive him because we don't want the sky to fall. Bejom hahoe was meant as through that day, other interpretations are complete bullshit.


My mission is world peace.

Ani correspondation on this matter would be sincerely appreciated. Answer a: yes, but only if He bestows maximum fulfilment upon his creations and is a just ruler like the Eternal One. Answer B: maybe not only to the angels, humans are created in His image (betselem). Every person has a Queen or King inside, maybe even both. Let love rule. Answer C: it's important to know no person has ever seen The Eternal One and lived. The words of the prophets are their to bring peace. The souls of the cannibalistic Egyptians where completely destroyed, thank God, since they did not know how to control their evil inclination. If you are a child and your father wants you to suck his dick just bite of his penis, run away and scream 'my father was raping me'. He might survive but as a child people would protect you and lock up your father, besides they may never find out what he did if he dies, which is probable. If your father abused you your father can only be forgiven if he never touches you that way again, don't go after him because they will lock you up if you'd kill him and if there would be no proof he was trying to rape you. Try to find proof and stay away from the abusing parent. Find a good lawyer. Answer D: the creator is responsible for the actions of the robot and even for recycling the robot. The Eternal One did the best he could and created mankind in his own image and even gave us free will. The humans don't even pray even if they know The Eternal is The Only One and create there own hell by not having a central rulership. If they don't I want to be gone before they go to war. The humans have fucked up the planet, not The Eternal One.
Fuck the pope but use a CONDOM.

Make Love, go awall, it's safer.
Pow pow pow power to the people
The only love there is, is the love we make.
Letter in response to the world peace proposal letter from the ministry of defense, England. The orriginal letter I sent was about the worldpeaceagreement, not banning the bomb, the latter idea I find ridiculous.

E-mail from Balkenende:


19 maart 2004

Kenmerk Onderwerp


Geachte heer Hoffmann,

Hierbij bevestig ik de ontvangst van uw e-mailbericht van 28 februari 2004. Hierin draagt u onder meer een aantal oplossingen aan die naar uw mening zullen bijdragen tot een vermindering van de criminaliteit. Ik heb van uw ideeën en opvattingen terzake kennisgenomen.

Met vriendelijke groet,


Minister van Algemene Zaken,

mr. dr. J.P. Balkenende




Ulrich Hoffmann = mailto:prologic@xs4all.nl