World Wide Tax Revolt to END THE GENOCIDE

We should all stop paying tax money until our government stops exterminating us with ebola chemtrail fallout and slow kill vaccine injections.
Stop paying tax money until the government stops its genocide programs in violation of the GENOCIDE CONVENTION
At least 50% of us should join in the tax strike to end their genocide in violation of the genocide convention otherwise a new tax strike and a date for the strike, lets say new year 2011, has been determined now. We only do it if their are enough humans that join in the tax revolt to end their genocide otherwise we move the tax strike day again.
I also advice everyone to press charges of genocide immediately.

Only if pressing charges and arrest of the people that advocate genocide is impossible (Prince Phillip, Kissinger, J.P. Holdren and Bill Gates) and arresting the Obama Genocide Troll (O G T) with his illegal genocide cartel and genocide contract is not done the tax payers of the world should stop paying tax money together to stop the extermination of the civillians, citizens, people using the tax payers own tax money.

We should kill the elite trolls, a group of sterile old popes that want to kill of the 70 nations, satanists that preach the opposite of what they do in reality (Vatican U N observer status only ones not injected at gunpoint if Ebola Reston would break out which could be called a mutated form of the engineered flu virus to misslead the population to perpetrate the crime of GENOCIDE only if arrest is impossible because they control the judges, police and are a military order. Kill the elite trolls, a group less than zero comma zero one percent of the worlds population that has made clear they want to kill everybody above ground to reduce the worlds population with 80 to 100% (Prince Phillip, Bill Gates, Kissinger, J P Holdren, professor Pianka, the Obama troll with his illegal genocide cartel and genocide contract) before they succeed in killing us but only if they can not be arrested. BILLIONS OF LIFES ARE AT STAKE!!!iii
Its kill or be killed, literally.

Please spread these 3 ideas:
1 ( stop paying taxes to end the genocide. )
2 ( Press charges of genocide. )
3 ( If arrest fails kill the elite people that have planned to kill us all that are poisoning us. )

In stead of becoming dependent upon a government that exterminates everybody above ground we should stop paying for our own demise, their genocide.

We demand they end, stop the ebola chemtrail fallout dispersal and stop the slow kill vaccine depopulation before its to late.

If we dont do this tax revolt we are killed by the elite trolls that are hiding in underground cities that temporarily halt the Ebola Chemtrail Fallout dispersal during their G 20 meetings which makes clear they are really killing everybody above ground and at the moment they are in the process of poisoning us (see patent title: the use of flu as a bio weapon).

The satanic Jesuits are in control of the Skull and Bones society and Bilderberg club.
See vaticanassassins for details, the Jesuits have been expelled from 82 countries.

The patent title is actually Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof.
Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.

Quote from: Influenza as a bioweapon, (© 2003, Royal Society of Medicine)
“H1N1 man-made PROOF: US Patent Application 20090010962 -
Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof”. Hell low o!
Genetically Engineered H1N1 Virus and Uses Thereof

I advise people not to stop paying tax money on their own, only if the people that advocate this depopulation in violation of the genocide convention are not arrested and 50% of the worlds population or the people in your country join in not paying taxes for one year

I do not expect people to take this seriously and to first use methods like pressing charges because they are arrested if they would try to pull this of. Alex Jones could perhaps join us all in some way to end their genocide, to prevent getting killed ourselves by a bunch of old loonies that want to sterilize everyone and depopulate the earth with 80 to 95%.

To keep it clear: this is a hoax idea: stop paying taxes together untill the genocide is stopped.

Population reduction top ten: most likely ways a 93% depopulation reduction in violation of the genocide convention could be achieved:
1) world war: possible 100% population reduction (explosion of the planet ((scalar weapons have made nuclear weapons obsolete, 14 scalar weapon countries)) preemptive nuclear strike, nuclear winter,next ice age).
2) ebola chemtrail fallout: professor Piankas favorite depopulation method (Pianka with a P from pope) Ebola Reston named after the place it was discovered, Reston Virginia.
3) poisoning via tabwater: uranium in tabwater (see infowars.com for more details).
4) gentech death: gentech death foods with built in viruses and pesticides brought to you buy Monsatano, creators of D D T and Agent Orange.
5) slow kill vaccine injections: illegal genocide cartel (giving a company such as Baxter that shipped out deadly products 3 times legal immunity is insanity) and genocide contract (keeping the number of vaccine deaths secret called pharmacovigilance data), vatican has U N observer status, list of pandemics caused by vaccinations on doctorno.wazzup.nl, flu vaccinated people test possitive for H I V, 49 Gardasil girl deaths plus pictures doctorno.wazzup.nl, universe creator point weebly point com.
6) gentech insects and hybrid insects: remotely controlled gentech insects with new poisons.
7) draining the public financially: global warming hoax, unreasonable loan pay off that the public can not afford, will crash the economy and make the banks declare bankrupcy to introduce a cashless society.
8) Scalar deaths: heart attacks, brain bleedings induced with scalar weapons wherewith they are able to do remote surgery extremely accurately.
9) Cancer causing airport scanners.
10) Cancer cell phone U M T S radiation.

Documented evidence of genocide:
1) Club of Rome documents.
2) The book Eco Science.
3) The insane Protocols of Zion.
4) The Secretariat for World Orders ECO 92 innitiative to depopulate by any means necessary.

I did not create the hybrid insects nor the gentech insects that the military created by manipulating my creation.

Prince Phillip, mister Kissinger, Bill Gates and professor Pianka all advocate a depopulation with 80 to 100 percent.

Nights of Malta: ebola chemtrail fallout genocide.
Rosecrucians: anonymously donated the Georgia Guide Stones advocating depopulation with 93% to half a billion people.

Saving the lifes of billions of people is more important than the lifes of people that advocate killing us in violation of the genocide convention.
People that are poisoning us.


Also I correct the statement that cannabis kills tumors by blocking vescular endothelial growth factor, a hormone needed by tumors to sprout, it should be:
cannabis kills tumors by blocking vescular endothelial growth factor, a PROTEIN needed by tumors to sprout, the tumors can not sprout without (V E G F).

Vinkeveen 6 10 2010, a blood red sky....altered, dead blood plasma